4th “Cazadores de imágenes” Exhibition officially opens with the most voted photographs by the jury of the 4th Jalón Ángel International Award

Today, the Jalón Ángel Archive officially opened the exhibition “Cazadores de imágenes” (Image Hunters) in the Museum of Zaragoza. The exhibition is a collection formed by the winning photographs of the 4th Jalón Ángel International Photography Award, the special mentions and, for the first time this year, a selection of photographs chosen as the best by the jury. The Government of Aragon and the MoosesBildwerk studio have collaborated in the exhibition.


The winners of the 2018 Award, Debdatta Chakraborty, in the Portrait category, and Nity Jannatul, in the Travel category, and those who received special mention, Jesús Blasco de Avellaneda and Sadiel Mederos (Portrait) and Teo Liak Song and Javier Arcenillas (Travel), share exhibition space with another 30 authors selected among the more than 2,200 participants from 90 countries.


During the opening ceremony, Ángel García de Jalón, chairman of the San Valero Group, defined the exhibition as "an art exhibition that vindicates the necessary presence of photography in humanistic cultural education" and emphasised "the important work carried out by the Jalón Ángel Archive highlighting and spreading the work of the founding photographer of the San Valero Group and photographic art in its multiple expressions ".


In addition, Pilar Irala, director of the Archive, said that the award, in its 2018 edition, increased "in number of participants and in the professional, artistic and aesthetic profile of the photographs submitted" acquiring an "increased value among the most international professional photographers”. Thus, she assured that the Archive has become "one of the busiest institutions in the specific field of conservation, dissemination and training in photography."


Finally, Pilar Irala, affirmed that the aim and desire of the Jalón Ángel Archive is "to disseminate photography as a means of visual communication, as a tool at the service of democracy and freedom and as a means for knowledge, for reflection and emotional and intellectual enjoyment ".


The event was also attended by César Romero, General Director of the San Valero Group, Carlos Pérez Caseiras, Vice Chancellor of the San Jorge University, and Isidro Aguilera, Curator of the Museum of Zaragoza.


The authors are: Sadiel Mederos Bermúdez (Santa Clara – Cuba), Jesús Blasco de Avellaneda (Melilla – Spain), Debdatta Chakraborty (Kolkata – India), Md Tanveer Hassan Rohan (Dhaka – Bangladesh), Pedro Luis Ajuriaguerra Saiz (Bilbao – Spain), Adrián Domínguez (Madrid – Spain), Pranab Basak (Kolkata – India), Ángel Atanasio Rincón (Ciudad Real – Spain), Diego Ibarra Sánchez (Zaragoza – Spain), Magdalena Jarych (Wroclaw – Polond), Javier Arroyo (Buenos Aires – Argentina), Federico Borobio (Buenos Aires – Argentina), Lidón Clemén Martínez (León – Spain), Ali Alsheikh Khedr (Lebanon – Syria), Ana Becerra (Málaga – Spain), Fernando Omar Cardarelli (Buenos Aires – Argentina), Anna Zaynulina (Krasnoyarsk – Russia), Asdrúbal Gómez (Buenos Aires – Argentina), Nity Jannatul (Dhaka – Bangladesh), Teo Liak Song (Johor – Malaysia), José Beut (Valencia – Spain), Sandra Ballesteros (León – Spain), Javier Arcenillas (Madrid – Spain), Rebwar Hosein Poori (Mahabad – Iran), Azim Khan Ronnie (Dhaka – Bangladesh), José Luis Méndez Fernández (Santa Cruz de Tenerife – Spain), Adam Fath (Piliscsaba – Hungary), Beihua Guo (Agoura Hills – China), Srdjan Vujmilovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina – Serbia), Ali Sabih Kadhim (Najaf – Iraq), Antonio Jesús Pérez (Sevilla – Spain), Mohamed Ourty (Beni Mellal – Morroco), Carmen García Fernández (Jaén – Spain).